Your new friends in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Holiday Rentals started operations back in 2007, proudly 100% Costa Rican Company and composed by a group of individuals sharing the same passion for our country and for what we do.

Our mission is to provide a quality hospitality experience to our guests from all over the world with the main goal to exceed any expectation and become your new friend in Costa Rica.

We understand the importance and the value of the vacation time you deserve, let us make it more enjoyable for you, each one of us are very professional and friendly, we will take care of any arrangements, whether vacation rentals, transportation services, tour arrangements and concierge services we are here to assist you.

Christian Salazar

Operation Manager / Founder

I am very motivated and entrepreneurial, always looking to achieve my goals and new challenges, I love my job, I am passionate about my family they are the most important thing in my life and the center of everything I do. I was born in San Jose in a very urban area where was not a lot of nature around me, at an early stage of my life our family trips were usually to the countryside, to be in the nature always made me very happy and very curious of everything around me.

I love surfing and mountain biking, to be in touch with nature fills me greatly and make me appreciate even more the beauty of my country. I enjoy sharing this love of nature with my friends, my family and especially with our customers and all the people who visit us from around the world. I feel blessed to have all people I have around me, my friends, my partners and all those who inspire me, teach me, trust me and also believe in my dreams.

Daniel Salazar

Marketing Manager / Founder

I am a hard working person who enjoys traveling, nature, learning new things, chatting with my family and friends; I enjoy sports and keep myself in good shape. I have a winning mentality, i do not believe in barriers nor boundaries, my greatest inspiration is my family. My favorite activities are working out at the gym, Mountain Biking and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Born and raised in the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose where I studied and prepared, several years ago I moved to the paradise of Playa Jaco seeking to achieve a dream I share with my brother to succeed with our company, showing others the wonders that our country has to offer.

I enjoy my job, the tourism industry makes me very happy, I am passionate about what I do and I like to do it well. On the spiritual side I think there definitely is a supreme being who helps us and give a hand every day.