SUP Lessons Jaco Beach

A perfect way to see the beautiful coastlines of Costa Rica.
From: $80 p.p.


  • Location: Jaco Beach and Herradura Bay
  • Length of the Tour: 2 hours
  • Pick Up Time: Depends on the tide
  • Min. People: 2
  • Includes: Gear, bottle water and guide
  • Recommendations: Board shorts, swimming suit, sun glases, sun block, towell, hat

Tour Description

Costa Rica SUP Tours Jaco it requires a full body workout, significantly improving balance, coordination, strength and endurance. It is a perfect way to see the beautiful coastlines of Costa Rica. The area of Jaco beach offers few beaches that are ideal for Stand Up Paddle. The tour can be set in the morning or for sunset, we will pick you up at your hotel or condo and go to Herradura bay where ocean is calm and good for this practice, our instructors will provide you with all the necessary gear and detailed instructions that will make you feel confident, we will be paddle around the bay and the island of Herradura, the length of the tour is 2 hours.Try our Stand Up Paddle Tours also available to pick you up at Los Suenos Marriott area.SUP HistoricallyStand Up Paddle Surfing also known as SUP is the most popular and modern water sports has its origin on the Hawaiian Islands. Was early 1960, the Beach Boys of Waikiki would stand on their long boards, and paddle out with outrigger paddles to make photos of tourists learning how to surf. The sport benefits athletes with a strong workout. Stand Up Paddle is gaining in popularity as celebrities are sampling the sport, and cross-over athletes are training with SUP. It can take place anywhere there is easy access to safe calmwaters, as well as in the surfing lineups of the world. Another reason for the rise in popularity of stand up paddle boarding is that, unlike surfing, Stand Up Paddle boarding is very easy to learn and practice. Within one hour you can become very comfortable in the water and on your paddle board. Stand up paddle boarding is also more popular with women because of their lower center of gravity, women are more often skilled at paddle boarding than men. Famous Big Wave surfer Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama re-introduced the ancient sport of paddle surfing to the modern water sports world. The first "modern" surfer to bring Stand Up Paddle Surfing out of Hawaii and onto mainland USA was Vietnam veteran Rick Thomas.Surfers have converted because of the versatility of the new sport. Stand up paddle boarding offers surfers the ability to catch more waves in a set, as well as offering a better view of incoming sets.Stand Up Paddle Surfing or SUP is now the growing fastest water surf activity, it allows a wider range of people to get involved and even better SUP surfers need not schedule around high and low tides which is an advantage. In Costa Rica you can learn and practice Stand Up Paddle Surfing in many different beaches as Jaco Beach and Herradura Bay both located on Costa Rica's Central Pacific.